Welcome again everybody to another episode of the faith Pest Control podcast. I’m your host, Mike Stewart and we have pest expert Fred Talley here. You know when if you live in North Georgia and Jasper and Lj and blue j is ball ground and Canton and waleska, Georgia. You know what Yellow Jackets in the spring and summer can really be a problem. I got to tell a quick story before I’ve had Fred Come on. One time I was mowing the yard and I didn’t realize yellow jackets are in the ground. And when I ran over their nest, they came out and stung my hand with a vengeance. And so I don’t have a love of yellow jackets. So Fred I know they’re a problem. I have the memory of the time going to the to the emergency room with my hands swollen twice its size from being stung so much and I don’t like yellow jackets. So tell us all about it, and what faith Pest Control does to help us get rid of that problem. All right, Mikey. First, I want to talk a little bit about their biology. They are social hunters. They are social insects, meaning they live in a nest with a queen that dictates the active activities of the various cast members of the colony. Their numbers can reach four to 5000 in one nest or one colony of mixture of workers which are always the females the Queen’s and then of course the males. That they are social insects, but they do not overwinter like honey bees will or termites Well, they the coin, the fertilized queens will overwinter but the workers in the drones the males will not. I would guess most people know this but they have a yellow and black striped face and like a yellow and black striped pattern body. You can find their nests in hollows the logs, inside stumps under trademark that’s kind of bizarre when you find that in leaf litter around here in North Georgia, I mostly find them in inside holes in the ground. They can colonize in voids made you know inside of manmade structures such as houses they can get in the walls, they can get in the soffits they can get in the attics week before last Is it a little personal note for Maya and I had a customer that had a colony of Yellowjackets nesting inside the humans remember the old fashioned lawn chairs with the with the like the plastic webbing they had probably a one inch tubular aluminum frame, or he had Yellowjackets nesting in that tubular frame of a lawn chair. He said he was sitting in the chair and he couldn’t figure out why they kept swarming around till he realized that he was sitting on top of their house. Oh, anyway, the fertilize queens. They’ll come about they’ll emerge in late spring, early summer.

She will find you know a suitable nesting site and they’ll start the cycle. for that particular year she’ll build a paper nest, she’ll start to lay some eggs, she herself will attend to the larvae for 20 or so days. And at which time they those larvae will emerges in fertile females, which are called the workers. And at this point, those infertile females will take care of the other larvae. But by mid summer, the first adult workers will emerge and they take over all the task of building new nest going out foraging for food, defending the colony and taking care of the queen. From this point on until her death the Queen remains inside the nest laying eggs as your total function as well as dictating the events or the duties of the other colony members. But call at this point the colony start to expand rapidly rapidly reaching that four to 5000 member number when the colony reaches their peak size. Sales will be built for for new males and new queens and the adult reproductive at that time, remain in the nest and will be taken care of by the workers. The new kink queens will build up fat reserves in order to overwinter successfully. After mating Of course, the males quickly die off and the fertilized coins will go out in search of places to protected places where they can nest over the winter. colony workers generally leave the nest to die as the as As the founding Queen, the abandoned NASS will rapidly you know, they just kind of disintegrate their diet typically consists of spiders and insects. But But if you’ve ever been to a, you know, a weekend cookout somewhere, anywhere in the south Yellow Jackets also feed on human food, especially, or specifically meats and sweets that that we’re going to have as humans for our weekend cookouts. I remember as when I was a child, my mama would always caution me about taking the drink out on open soda can at one of these summer cookouts because Yellow Jackets were notorious for getting down inside of the cans. And you’ve never experienced a staying like yellow jacket staying inside your Apple gift. Given their diets. Yellow Jackets do like to live near where humans live. The best time if you’re hot too, if you if you realize you’ve got yellow jackets in the walk to find where they’re nesting out because you’re not going to be successful getting rid of them. Unless you find the nest. The best time to locate a yellow jacket nest is during the day when you see them flying in and out of the nest.

Like I said earlier here, especially in the North Georgia mountains, you typically find them nesting in the ground. One I call it a helpful hint from hell always. You need to stand still, if you see see them flying around. If you want to really locate where they’re coming from or going to, you need to stand still. Because if you’re moving and they’re moving, they appear to be moving twice as fast. So if you will stand still pay attention in you can see where they go to to get in and out of their nest. Once you locate the nest, the very best time to eliminate the colony is in the evening or after dark when all of the inhabitants are inside and dormant. Yellow Jackets can pose a very serious danger to people due to their ability to staying multiple times injecting venom each time you know a honeybee has a barbed Stanger, so one of honey bee stings you shoes, and they leave she pulls the Stanger out and she dies. Yellow Jackets don’t do that yellow jackets do have BB stingers, but the BB is very small, so they can stain multiple times. For most people. The Yellow Jacket staying is merely an inconvenience probably causes a small well in you know temporary pain, but for others that may be sensitive to their venom. The Yellowjacket stain can cause a very Sirte serious allergic reaction and could cause anaphylaxis shot to prevent Yellowjackets from causing harm to you and your family. It’s best not to leave sweets or meat out in the open here faith pest control, we offer a free consultation we offer 100% make you happy money back guarantee. Do you hire faith pest control to get rid of your yellow jacket problem, the end of 30 days you’re not 100% happy, we’ll come back and we’ll retreat your home or yard for free. And we’ll keep on trading it for free until you tell us you are happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy, we’ll give you back every penny you spent on the original treatment. Plus, we’ll pay you an additional $25 for your time in trouble just for fooling with us. You will be happy with the service we provide or you won’t pay a penny period. That’s how confident we are in our equip our commitment to doing the job right? If you feel like what I’ve said makes sense, please call fetes Pest Control today at 770-823-9202 and ask to speak to me, Fred Tally. I’ll be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you have. Well, thank you so much, Fred. You know, I have personal experience that they are in the ground, and they will come out of the ground and they will stay new. I have personal experience with that. And it was not pleasant for me. So we do this podcast as a community service for all the fine folks in North Georgia, especially in Jasper and ball ground and surrounding areas. You can tune this podcast and subscribe to it and Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and Google. Those are the four main places we get podcasts. In fact, if you have an Alexa or a Google Home, you can just say, play the latest episode of the faith control podcast and you can learn about how to have a pest free home for all the folks that live in North Georgia. Until next time, I’m Mike Stewart for the faith. Pest Control podcast.

Yellow Jackets are Stinging You In Jasper and North Georgia Areas
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