Welcome again everybody to the faith Pest Control podcast. I’m Mike Stewart, your host with the pest expert Fred Talley here in North Georgia. You have a home in Jasper you have a home and Ellijay you live in Blue Ridge ball ground can’t no Waleska. Did you know millipedes are a problem millipedes are there millipedes are something you don’t want and we’re getting calls more and more every day of people wanting to get rid of them? Fred, tell me what’s the problem with millipedes? What do they do and I know they’re yucky. People want to get rid of them. What do you do to get rid of them?

Yes, Mikey. I wanted to talk about millipedes today just because I’ve had I believe it’s been six calls this week. disconcerting millipedes. Now here in North Georgia millipedes are relatively common around structures, both commercial and residential. They can become past when they move inside the buildings from their usual habitat which is outdoors. Sometimes they’ll enter in large numbers. But even if they come in the building, they don’t buy. They don’t stain, nor do they transmit diseases. They don’t infest food. They don’t damage your clothing or wood. They’re merely a nuisance, but they can be a big nuisance. millipedes are kind of a brownish, blackish color. And or, you know half an inch to maybe two two and a half inches long. A lot of people think they’re worms they are very small. So they can’t without picking them up. They don’t see their legs. But they will they they have a hard exoskeleton they have a hard shell on the outside and when you step on them, they definitely make crunch in nature, or their natural habitat millipedes live exclusively outside they do not live inside they’re scavengers, and they will mainly feed on decaying organic matter. So mulch beds beneath rocks. Because at the earth where the rocks meet the earth there will be an area of decaying organic matter matter. There they have to have a lot of high moisture and very high moisture requirements. And for the most part, they’ll remain hidden during the day you’ll never see them outside. We’re very seldom see them outside during the day. You can frequently find them around the building under mulch, leaf litter flowerpots, stones more laying on damp ground, they can also be found at the grass edge where like next to a sidewalk or foundation while they’ll kind of get in that little area between the grass and the in the concrete. The adult females can lay up to several 100 eggs in the soil at a time or the leaf litter at night is when the middle of beads will be generally move around or leave their protective daytime habitat and crawl about over the sidewalks patios foundation walls, especially during the fall. And they will migrate into buildings or can migrate into buildings in great numbers. And this is the this is the bigger issue is they move in mass and it’s just it creates a huge nuisance. You can’t build a building I don’t think tight enough to keep them out. This migrational movement actually appears to be somewhat accidental. And it’s thought that there that what they’re doing is searching for human overwintering sites. During the spring and summer this mass migration can also happen during times of excessive excessively wet or dry weather, whether it’s excessively wet or excessively dry, but we have in the last week or so had excessively wet weather probably in the last two or three weeks here in North Georgia. They millipedes can and will invade crawl spaces and damp basement. The first floor of houses at the ground level especially slab houses, they will commonly enter your home to the door threshold expansion joints in through the voids of concrete block walls. Frequent sightings of metal pedes indoors is an indication there are large numbers braiding on the exterior in the lawn or beneath the mulch or leaf litter close to the foundation. Due to their high moisture requirements, they do not survive indoors more than just a few days. A lot of times around here. They won’t even survive a day. They

Unless they have a very moist or damp condition, like in a crawl space in crawl spaces aren’t normally bone dry. Some basements especially older houses, the basements can get down so they can survive in there. But if they get upstairs in the living space or in the living space, they’re not going to survive long because of their, the humidity levels too low for them to survive. The most effective long term solution for keeping millipedes out of your house is the minimize the moisture and they’re hiding places, leaves, grass clippings, heavy accumulations of mulch, stones boards or similar items laying around the ground beside the foundation should be removed. Since these things will often attract and harbor the millipedes. Since metal pads often thrive in moist, dense layer of poorly maintained turf grass dethatch in the lawn and keeping the grass mowed close should make the long list suitable for them. Over watering your lawn or watering during the evening may also contribute to the problems. Here fake pest control, we offer a free consultation and we offer a 100% make you happy Money Back Guarantee. If you hire faith pest control to get rid of your metal paid problem. And at the end of 30 days, you’re not 100% happy, we’ll come back and retreat your home for free. And we’ll keep on trading it for free until you until you tell us that you are happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy, give you back every penny spent on the original treatment. Plus, we’ll pay you an additional $25 for your time and trouble just for fooling with us. Bottom line is you’ll be happy with the service we provide. Or you won’t pay a penny period. That’s how serious we are in our commitment to doing the job right. If you feel like what I’ve said makes sense to you. Please call us today Faith Pest Control 708239202 and asked to speak to me, Fred Tally, I’ll be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Well, thank you, Fred. You know, people find problems in their homes and millipedes is something you go well What is this thing? What can I do? I don’t want them I don’t want them in my home. And I know you are the professionals to get rid of that problem of millipedes. And we do this podcast as a community service for all the fine folks in North Georgia. You can subscribe to this podcast, and Apple you can subscribe to it and amazon music you can subscribe to Google podcasts and in Spotify and all the fine places where podcasts are able to be subscribed, please share us. Tell your friends about us. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s all about being helping you keep a pest free home. And that’s what Fred is the expert at doing. So until next time, I’m Mike Stewart for the Faith Pest Control podcast.

Millipedes are NOT Insects, But They Bug Jasper Georgia Residents
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