Hello again, it’s a faith pest control podcast. I’m your host, Mike Stewart, we are the Public Service pest podcast for all the fine folks in Jasper, Georgia, Ellijay, Georgia, Blue Ridge, Georgia, and pretty much anywhere in the north Georgia mountains. If you got a pest problem, my guest, Fred Tally is the pest expert to get you pest free. And of course, one of the things that we deal with in Georgia is termites. And there’s lots of ways of treating termites. But today, Fred is going to talk about the Trelona Bait Stations that they’re going to be using as their system for the North Georgia termite treatment. So Fred, why don’t you tell us all about Trelona Bait Stations ?

I will do that Mikey. But first I’m gonna, I’m gonna explain a little bit about termites are the termites actually love feeding on on your home. And for most people, that’s generally the largest investment they’re making their life. Statistically, there’s about $5 billion worth of damage every year, and this is throughout the country, not just in Georgia. But despite this most termite damage is not covered by a homeowner’s policy. In North Georgia specifically, we are in some under some of the highest termite pressure that exists in the United States. It’s generally not a question of if you will get termites in your home it’s merely a question of when most anyone that knows me and has listened to my podcast actually know that I’m, I’ve historically been a proponent of a chemical barrier type treatment. In for just a quick crude description, that simply means we place a liquid chemical into the soil around the exterior perimeter of your home that we’re trying to protect. However, some homes just simply do not lend themselves to chemical barrier treatment, there’s we have to drill holes through slabs to get to the soul beneath the slab. Most guys don’t care what you do, most ladies don’t want the holes there. So, some places are just inaccessible to us to get the chemical to the soil, that or the process is some people find to be too intrusive. So now faith pest control is going to start offering it’s called Trelona Bait Stations .

Advanced a TBS stands for Advanced termite bait system. It’s just an advanced termite baiting technology to protect your home. Baiting has been around for several years, I’ll probably 20 years maybe even a little longer than that. What sets Trelona Bait Stations apart from that, is there’s only there are only two baiting systems licensed in the United States that carry a label that you’re all you only have to inspect the cartridges once per year, as opposed to if if you use another system other than the Trelona Bait Stations.  Sentricon is the other product that has an annual inspection cycle and there’s nothing you know, there’s nothing wrong with tree Lona My personal opinion is that the tree loan ATBS is a superior system. But termite baiting stations, the technology has been around for like I said 2025 years, but typically that the system is a monitoring system because you it calls for a quarterly inspection cycle which is every three months. There’s nothing inside the canister when it’s placed in the ground. That will eliminate the termite once they once they start feeding on it. Consequently they have to be inspected quarterly. When the technician detects termite activity inside the canister. That is the point that they place you know they will place an active ingredient cartridge inside then it it will eliminate the the termites with this with this tree Lona in Sentricon actually is the same way. When the car when the canister is installed in the ground it already Hey, it’s already full of active ingredient. So if if when the termites hit on that particular canister, they’re going to die.

Both systems use the Trelona Bait Stations and the Sentricon use a it’s a growth regulator. It’s called a chitin inhibitor. As most all other insects termites have to molt, that’s their process of growing older, if you will. And the chitin inhibitor prohibits them the It interferes in that molting process and they can’t exist. If they don’t mold molting is, most insects have an exoskeleton, the molting process is, is when their body grows, and they actually outgrow the exoskeleton. So they shed that skeleton and grow a new skeleton in the chitin inhibitor actually, that’s the process that it interferes with. So in this in the tree loan debating system, not unlike any other system base stations are they’re strategically located around the exterior perimeter of your home, generally, three to 10 feet off of you know, out and up from the foundation in intervals, roughly 10 to 20 feet apart. Research has shown that the that termites when they’re out foraging now, termites are truly social or use social insects is I believe, is the proper term. So the the the forest sting cast of the termite society, they’re out, I said, forecasting for a gene cast of the termite society, they’re out hunting food sources for the colony. So in this in their quest, you know, they’re they’re subterranean, so they’re down in the soul. So in their quest to find a food, a food source, they’re there. It’s it’s, it’s kind of a random act out that they’re searching for. It’s not quite that simple, but kind of kind of that way. But if you look at it, like from an aerial photograph, it would look like tree branches. They’re the tunnels that are forging tunnels look kinda like tree branches. So in their their tunneling activities in search of food, the termites intersect the trail on a bait station, and they’ll feed on the bait matrix. And then what happens is the foraging term is the one that’s discovered the base station, they will leave a pheromone trail from that station back to their colony. And this is like a roadmap for the other foragers to come and harvest that food source to bring it back to the colony. What determined termites do not realize is that the bait contains an active ingredient that it’s the chitin inhibitor that prevents them from molting, which is is a vital process for them. As a company, we chose to use this system instead of the competitors. You know, actually for several reasons. The tree Lona system uses a larger bank matrix, which means that there’s more active ingredient inside the canister for the termites to consume the there are studies that show that the the bait matrix in the tree lawn ATBS system is very palatable to the termites. So they have they consume it faster compared to other food sources. And there’s actually a study that has shown that Termites will actually they’re more attracted to the tree Lonna bait matrix and they’ll go to a quicker and consume it faster. In one control study that I found it took termites only eight days to discover the tree Loma ATBS station, where it took termites over 30 days to find it with from the leading competitor stations. As I mentioned earlier, both of both of the annual both of this bedding systems that are labeled for annual inspection. They both use the cotton inhibitor as their method of control. Just my M and my personal opinion is that they the Trelona Bait Stations ATBS is a superior product. That’s why we decided to to utilize it.

As always here at faith, we offer a free consultation, we will come out inspect your home for termite activity. We will draw a diagram indicating all the areas that might have conducive conditions to termite activity that you know they can be addressed. We can discuss that.
But bottom line if you hire fake pest control to get rid of your bug album, the end of 30 days, you’re not 100% Happy, we’ll come back and we’ll retreat your home for free. We’ll keep on trading it for free until you tell us you are happy. That still doesn’t make you happy, we’ll give you back every penny you spent on the original treatment. Plus, we’ll give you an additional $25 Just for your time in trouble for fooling with us. Bottom line is we want you to be happy with the service that we provide or you won’t pay a penny period. If what I’ve said to you today, makes sense you feel comfortable about it. Call faith pest control today is 7708239 to 02 and asked to speak to me Fred tally, I’ll be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have. Well, thank you, Fred. Folks, you need to check out Trelona Bait Stations . I’m sure that it’s the best option or Fred wouldn’t be using it. I know he does his research and he is a pest expert. And it’s all about you having a pest free home termites are a problem. And Jasper, termites are problem and Ellijay. Termites are problem and Blue Ridge and turtle termites are a problem in Georgia. And faith pest control can make sure you have a termite free home and protect your most valuable investment which is your home. So until next time, be sure to like us, share us and subscribe to us. We do this podcast as a community service for all the folks in north Georgia and read every wherever their podcasts are found the big popular for our Apple, Google, Spotify and Amazon and we’re in all four places. And we invite you to share us with your friends because we want you to know and have the knowledge of what it takes to have a pest free home. So until next time, this is Mike Stewart for the faith pest control podcast.

Trelona Bait Stations For Termite Control in Jasper & North Georgia
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