Welcome, again to another episode of the Faith Pest Control podcast. I’m your host, Mike Stewart. And we have pest expert here again today, Fred Talley. And Fred has got a great subject to talk about, you know, in the north Georgia mountains, there are a lot of Airbnb’s. There’s a lot of VRB vacation rentals, and folks in Jasper and Ellijay, and Blue Ridge, Georgia, you know, all over the north Georgia mountains. There’s a lot of long distance and local owner owners of these vacation rentals. But you know what a vacation rental is still a home that has pests, they have rodents, they have termites, they have all the pests that can invade the homes of North Georgia. So Fred has got a whole lot of new information that if you are a vacation rental landlord, or you’re visiting a vacation rental, you know, this is what you need to know. So Fred, are you here today to talk about vacation rental pest control.

I’m here Mikey, so if you own a second home in North Georgia, that you occasionally maybe run out to others for their dream mountain vacation. Or maybe you’re just beginning to build a portfolio of vacation rental properties. Or even if you’re a seasoned real estate investor that you own multiple vacation rental properties. I think this is a pertinent message for you guys to listen to. to If you own a North Georgia vacation home, and you have an upcoming vacation plan that you know you’re excited about it you and the kids everybody’s looking forward to getting to come to the to the mountain home. A pest problem you know you walk in the door and you find roaches running all over the house.

So pest problem will quickly or can quickly turn a vacation sour for anyone. So you know, vacation homes cabins. Overnight rentals that are left unoccupied for long periods of time, are particularly vulnerable to become infested by pests. For this reason alone, it’s smart to invest in pest control services, especially with somebody that you feel like you can trust cottages cabins overnight rentals, they can all suffer pest infestations were not treated properly. If you rent out your vacation home. You know how crucial that good reviews and ratings can be when it comes to the success and in the rental business. pest infestations can affect your property’s reputation as well as quickly lead to poor reviews and subpar experiences for your customers. In addition to investing in pest control for your vacation home, it’s vital to your rental business success to maintain the quality of the proper property that you own. By implementing some pest prevention measures sealing holes, installing screens. practicing general cleanliness will help keep wildlife wrote at sans other pests out of the home or house. vacation homes are just as susceptible to pest problems as any other residents, especially if left unoccupied or maintain poorly. Nobody wants to discover a press problem when they finally get the opportunity to go on a vacation. Or whether you’re the owner of a vacation home or rent your property out. You I believe you’ll be happy if you invest in pest control services.

Faith pest control is dedicated to keeping your home or overnight rental pest free. We offer a free consultation we will come out thoroughly inspect your property, we’ll identify areas that may be vulnerable for pest infestations, as well as identify conditions that can attract pests that week. And then we can develop a pest control plan designed to meet the specific needs of your specific property. After placing your property in our care, you can expect to receive continued support above and beyond the regular pest control service. Because at every service interval we thoroughly inspect the property as well as identify areas that that may need your attention. couple of areas that I find overlooked in the vacation rental business, I guess you’d say is one particular area for sure that’s continuously overlooked or neglected is a termite treatments.

North Georgia is is we have some of the highest termite pressure of any place in the country. And as part of our recommendations when we inspect your property will include a comprehensive termite protection plan. Another area that shockingly, to me anyway seems to be overlooked quite frequently is the rodent control, if you will, mice and rats. You know, when a house is built in the north Georgia mountains, that house is built in the mice and rats house, you’re placing your home in the middle of their home. So you know that they were there first. Since they can and are creatures of opportunity, they’ll take advantage of that situation. And they’ll invite themselves in whether you want to or not. So as a part of our part of our plan, we will include a comprehensive rodent control plan for your property as well. I think one of the other things that probably sets us apart is we do have an a full time, he’s not a full time entomologist, we have an entomologist that’s available to us full time, he’s available to us 24/7 365 days a year, if you have a problem inside your home that that’s a my escaped us, we can call him in and he is on a retainer.

So we have access to him all the time. But at faith pest control, we offer a free consultation. And there’s not really any doubt in my mind that a consultation with us will be worth your time. If you hire us to get rid of your bug problem. If at the end of 30 days, you’re not 100% Happy, we will come back and retreat your home or rental property for free. And we’ll keep on trading it for free, until you tell us that you are happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy, we’ll give you back every penny you spent on the original treatment. Plus, we’ll pay you an additional $25 for your time in trouble just for fooling with us. If you feel like what I’ve said here makes sense. Do you call fake pest control today at 770-823-9202 and asked to speak to me, Fred Tally, I’ll be happy to speak with you and answer any question you may have.

Well, Fred, that’s great information. You know, we do this podcast as a public service for the fine folks of Jasper, Ellijay, Blue Ridge and pretty much anywhere in the North Georgia mountains. You know, you can subscribe to this podcast on all the streaming services Apple, Google, Spotify and Amazon now in Amazon, & Audible. You know, we make this information readily available to educate you, the residents of North Georgia to know what to do to have a pest free home and now a pest free vacation rental.

So tune in next time. Subscribe you know we here’s the thing we tell everybody like us, share us and subscribe to us because that’s how we can get the information out is when more people here read and consume this information then you’ll know what to do. As I when I was a kid, they used to have an old commercial. GI Joe, knowing is half the battle. So that’s what we’re doing here with the Faith Pest Control podcast.

Own Vacation Rental Property in North Georgia? Pest Control Facts You Need To Know!
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