Welcome to the faith pest control podcast. My name is Mike Stewart. I’m your host and I’m here today with pest expert Fred Talley. And more importantly, what I want you to know about is if you live in Jasper, Georgia Blue Ridge, Georgia, big canoe, anywhere in the north Georgia mountains in the neighboring neighborhoods, the pest people to get our faith pest control, and that’s my expert, Fred Talley, who today is going to talk about for 2022 What we need to do to prepare to get rid and have nice backyards mosquito free, you know, there’s nothing more interruptive to your summer activities than swatting mosquitoes bite me. So Fred, tell me what you got planned for this year that hopefully will help us have a better summer.

All right, Mike. No first, first off, no mosquitoes you know are not unique to Georgia. They do occur throughout the world. In almost every known aquatic habitat other than swift currents, rivers in open bodies of water, so you know any little creek that might run through your property, your garden spots in your yard, that whole water or oil bar that’s setting up right that when it rains, it holds water bucket setting around, they can all lead to mosquito activity. wherever they occur. At best, they’re just an annoyance. But worse. They they’re vectors for disease, I carried some deadly diseases. There’s over throughout the world there’s like over 3000 species of mosquitoes but in the state of Georgia, there’s like 60 species that are known to be here. And they can be found in really very diverse habitats throughout the state. Now aside from just being an annoyance, mosquitoes can inflict on humans disease and its other the threat of disease with mosquitoes is always present because of their ability to transmit the pathogens. Now malaria, dengue, gay yellow fever encephalitis, that’s just a few of the major diseases have a long list of diseases which mosquitoes are you able to transmit? There are several forms of encephalitis which represent probably the greatest threat in the United States. Malaria, Dengue gay are are generally diseases that are get occasionally imported by travelers. And yellow fever is really at this point, pretty rare just because of the availability of a highly effective vaccine for it. In and humans, excuse me, mosquito borne viruses can have several effects, if you will. Some, you may be maybe bitten by a infected mosquito but not get infected yourself at all. They may cause an infection with no apparent symptoms. So you may be a carrier, or they may cause an infection with symptoms. They can cause fever, inflammation of the brain and spinal cord is an encephalitis hemorrhagic fever or fever with muscle and joint pain like fibromyalgia, the death rate tends to be pretty low for those viruses that cause like the fibromyalgia, but the rate of illness can be high the sent symptomatic can be high for the viruses that cause like the encephalitis or the hemorrhagic fevers. The rates of illness and death actually are a range from low to high dependent pending more on the age of the person infected and their status of immunity you know how how, I guess rigid their their defense system is in their body. Long term chronic infection with mosquito borne viruses is nothing real typical in humans, but the consequences from the infection actually can be very long lasting.

I think another another subject I guess with mosquitoes that is probably is as important to people in Georgia’s anything is the dog heartworm is a serious disease for all breeds of dogs in temperate and tropical climates. And here in Georgia, we have a humid subtropical climate. So we are right in the in the midst of it all. infection rates in some states had been reported to be as high as 80% in dogs over two and a half years old, and almost 100% and dogs over five years old that have not been vaccinated. Now my vet told me she gave me the number here in North Georgia of 60%. I’m I would tend to think that it was probably higher but she’s a professional in that area, not me. And the areas where dog heartworm are prevalent dog owners, you no need to seriously consider providing mosquito proof sleeping areas for their animals. It’s estimated that approximately one This shocked me 1.2 billion billion, with a B $1.2 billion is spent on heartworm prevention throughout the United States annually, in in the state of Georgia. 16 million with an M $16 million spent on heartworm prevention in Georgia, once infected, so, I mean, this kind of goes along with the idea that it’s cheaper to prevent it than it is to to correct it once it happens. Once infected, if they can treat the dog, it is estimated the estimated cost is approximately $1,000. That that number came from my veterinarian rate actually recently, to hear faith pest control, we do offer a free consultation if you if you hire faith pest control to get rid of your mosquito problem. And at the end of 30 days, you’re not 100% Happy, we will come back out and retrieve your home actually the exterior of your home for free. And we’ll keep on trading it for free until you tell us you are happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy, we’ll give you back every penny you spent on the original treatment. Plus, we’ll pay you an additional $25 for your time and trouble just for fooling with this. Bottom line is you’ll be happy with the service that we provide. Or you won’t pay us a penny period. You felt like this makes sense from what I’ve said make sense? Call faith pest control today at 770-823-9202. And that’s to speak to me Fred pally, I’ll be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Well, Fred, thank you as always great information. You know, this is being recorded in January of 2022. But you may be listening to this in the spring or in the summer, and mosquitoes are ruining your time. Give Fred a call. And what we do this podcast is a community service for all the fine folks in Jasper GA and surrounding areas in North Georgia. You can tune us in on Apple, Audible, Spotify, Google and online at Faith pest control. There’s a we want you to listen to it. We do it to educate you on how to have a pest free home. We invite you to like us share us and more importantly, when you have a pest problem. Call all the folks, call Fred at Faith pest control until next time, Mike Stewart for the faith pest control podcast

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The Mosquitoes Are Coming To Jasper and North Georgia Again for 2022!
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