Good morning everybody and welcome to the faith pest control Podcast. I’m Mike Stewart, your host. And if you have pest problems you need an exterminator you haven’t things bugging you in Jasper, or Blairsville, or Blue Ridge or big canoe, Georgia really anywhere in the north Georgia mountains. And especially in Jasper, Georgia, you need to have a pest expert like Fred Talley give you the tips to have a pest free home. So today Fred is going to be talking about tips and tricks to have a pest free home and things that you could be doing things that you may not be thinking about. So Fred, the floor is yours as they say. And tell us those pest tips to help us have us have a jasper, pest free home or business. All right Mikey. Some of these helpful hints, if you will, are to try to help you from from getting stung as well. So if you’re if you’re mowing your lawn, and you’re using a push mower, well doesn’t matter what kind of mower you’re using, if you’re mowing the lawn, this the vibration of the mower itself will agitate the yellow jackets because they nest in the ground. So just that vibration gets him agitated and upset. If you’re using a walk behind push mower you’ll know fairly quickly if you agitated Yellowjackets nests. Now if you’re on a riding mower in you’re going to know because they’re going to come out and sting you. That’s how you’re going to oh, if you’re on a riding mower, you may not necessarily know immediately that you have awakened a giant, the yellow jackets. In my experience, my wife would argue with me but Yellowjackets aren’t necessarily aggressive unless they’re provoked. So you know, obviously the edge of the vibration of their Nast is this provocation enough to get them excited. Another thing in the as far as mowing your grass, because this actually happened to us. We had a bald faced hornets nest and in one of our shrubs, and it was probably like waist level. It was before we ever even solid, it was the size of a basketball. And we had the moat right beside that piece of shrubbery. Now, if you notice, the the Hornet’s Nest, if you will just stop in try to observe their their traffic pattern in and out of the nest. If you just avoid that traffic pattern that you’re probably going to be okay. You know, you may want to call an exterminator to get it taken care of that would be totally up to you. But bald faced Hornets in my, in my experience are not aggressive either, unless provoked most stinging insects that we deal with. Unless you provoke them, they’re they’re not going to sting you they don’t want to be around you any more than then you want to be around them, generally speaking. So if you do have a nest you need to approach the nest at an angle from which the inhabitants aren’t coming and going. If you’ll just get relatively close to the nest and just stand still and just watch the nest you’ll be able to see kind of their flight pattern, how they’re coming into and out of their nest. Some stinging insects have what what we call Guard base, and their their job basically is to protect the entrance from intruders. Now if they detect you there that they would be they would determine that as aggression I guess you’d say and they you know they would attempt to get you out of the area. But if you just approached the nest from the side, don’t ever approach in this face forward, head on because the they will attack you because that’s provocation at night if you have your view light to set out on your porch or deck and with the light on especially European Hornets are attracted the lights at night. Again,
you can sit on the on the porch or deck they’re not not going to necessarily attack you. They’re attracted to the light not you. So you know they themselves unless provoked, they don’t normally they’re not normally a problem at all during the day in in your yard if you have fruit trees, if you if in I was going to say if you allow but it’s not you allowing is going to happen no matter your best efforts but if fruit if you have fruiting trees and fruit falls on the on the ground here in North Georgia, the actually European Hornets will will in get inside the fruit and hanging on the tree. But Yellow Jackets especially enjoy rotting fruit so they will harvest the nutrients from that fruit. So just make sure that you pick up the fruit that’s on the ground. Gaps under exterior doors it’s pretty easy to put a door sweep on a door and that’s that’s generally the remedy for gaps under doors. But it only takes three millimeters, which probably less than an eighth of an inch gap for a an American Roach which is people refer to an American roaches, Palmetto bug waterbug the big groats inch, inch and a half long it only takes three millimeter gap for them to come in. Especially in the wintertime if you’re if your heat is on and that heat is escaping to that crack it that is an attractant for that Roach to come on inside more mud. Now they’re they’re roaches don’t have blood, but they are referred to as is cold blooded animals. The you know, I think really, they their metabolism slows down in the cold. But anyway, you can eliminate a lot of bugs just by closing up the gaps under your exterior doors. gaps around the garage doors now garage doors are not designed to be airtight bug tight or or rodent resistant, because rodents will find their way around them. But you can just just tried to make sure you don’t have any big gaping holes you know a mouse if you can get your little finger through a hole, a mouse can get through that hole in gain access to your garage or even your the interior of your house that you could have a small hole if you have a block foundation, it’s actually very common to find small holes in them that mice can enter and leave in our app. Actually, the rule of thumb no pun intended is a hole approximately the size of your thumb see torn screens. If you’d like to leave your windows open in the spring in the fall, then you have torn screens, bugs we’re going to find those holes in come inside. So if if that is a problem, just it’s pretty cheap to rescreen your screens you can get this stuff at Home Depot or Walmart and you know, fix the hole so the bugs don’t come in. This is one that most people never even think about the trees or shrubs that touched the house. I actually was at a house yesterday that had an ant problem there were no ants whatsoever trailing around the exterior perimeter of the house down at the ground level. But he had a tree in the yard had the branches hung over the house and they actually touched the house I looked around the trunk of the tree in an answer trailing up the trunk and you you could track them all the way to the house. So it can it can drive you nuts that can drive your Bug Guy nuts he doesn’t know to look at that. gutters. It’s amazing to me the number of people that have gutters on their house and
and don’t keep them clean. Ants are can be a terrible issue from gutters and that’s another area that if you’re if you’re ants, your caucus that you have a problem inside and you can’t find ants trailing around the X stereo perimeter. at the ground level around your house, you might investigate your rain gutters, because it’s answer notorious the nest and rain gutters as well as roaches. Most people don’t know it. But there’s generally the fascia board, which is where the gutters or attacks rain gutters are attached. There’s normally a gap. At the top of that, unless you’ve had an exclusion on your house, erode an exclusion job done, there’s going to be a gap generally at the top of that fascia board in all insects have free access to your house through that, through that gap. But Jen, the bigger problem is ants and roaches because they will nest in, in the gutters, in the gutters, if you have a crawlspace ventilation is is a huge deal. When it comes to wood decay fungus and beetle activity like powderpost beetle activity. Because if you allow the moisture level and the wood to get above, I believe it’s around 12 14%, that’s when the activity is well that’s the moisture level that they like anything above that. So if you’re if your ventilation system is not adequate, you won’t use it. And other than a some kind of mechanical means like a dehumidifier or something to remove the humidity out of the crawlspace it can be a potential problem. Another good thing to do in the crawlspace is have polyethylene or plastic on the ground. That does limit some moisture problems. On ants a good thing to do if you have ants in the kitchen or in the in the bathroom, and that’s typically where they’re going to end up anyway, if you see where they are trailing. And if you will take your dishwashing liquid and clean the counter with the dishwashing liquid, you’re going to eliminate their pheromone trail. Now they may reestablish it if they find something else on the counter that they’re interested in eating. So they they may find it again. But you will at least temporarily eliminate that those trailing ants because they won’t get there, they don’t know where to go. You Your you have eliminated their roadmap for them. So here at Faith pest control, we offer a free consultation. And we’ll give you a money back 100% make you happy money back guarantee if you hire fake pest control to help you with some of the problems I’ve discussed. And to get rid of your drug problems at the end of 30 days, you’re not 100% Happy, we’ll come back and retreat your home for free. And we’ll keep on trading it for free until you tell us you are happy. That still doesn’t make you happy, we’ll give you every penny you spent on the original treatment back. Plus we’ll pay you an additional $25 for your time in trouble just for fooling with us. And I don’t really know of another pest control company with the confidence to make that kind of offer. The bottom line is you’ll be happy with the service we provide or you won’t pay a penny period. If what I’ve said to you, you feel like makes sense. Call us today at 7708239 to 02 and asked to speak to me, Fred tally, I’ll be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Well, Fred, that’s great information. You know when it comes to pest you are the pest expert in Jasper, Georgia and all the North Georgia surrounding communities. And we do this podcast as a public service and a community service to help people have pest free homes. Those folks living in Blairsville Blue Ridge, big canoe, North Georgia anywhere around there. That’s where you can
learn what you need to do to be pest free. You can subscribe to our podcast and all the places where you get podcasts, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, you name it, Google. They were there. You can read it or you can listen to it. But more importantly call Fred Talley at Faith pest control when you have a pest problem, and we’ll see you on the next episode of the faith pest control podcast.

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