Yellow jackets are social insects that live in nests or colonies of up to 4000 inhabitants. They have a yellow and black face with a stripe-like patterned abdomen. While their diet typically consists of spiders and insects, yellow jackets will also feed on human food, especially the meats and sweets we typically have out for our summer holiday and weekend gatherings.

Given their diet, yellow jackets like to live near where humans live. You can often find their nests in cool, dark spaces such as around garbage, in trees, shrubs, or in holes in walls. A typical yellow jacket colony will remain active for one year, after which the queen flies off to start a new colony. Those yellow jackets left behind will die off during the fall, leaving the nest abandoned. The best time to locate a yellow jacket nest is during the day when you can see them flying in and out. Once located, the best time to destroy a nest is in the evening or night when they are all inside and dormant.

While wasps are typically helpful in eating pests that destroy crops, they can pose a serious danger to people. They are able to sting multiple times, injecting venom each time. For most people, a yellow jacket sting will cause a welt and temporary pain. For those who are sensitive to their venom, however, a yellow jacket sting can cause very serious allergic reactions.

To prevent yellow jackets from causing harm to you and your family, it is best to not leave sweets, especially sweet drinks, or meats out in the open. If you think you have a problem with yellow jackets, call your pest management professional so that they can help you decide the best course of action to remove them from your property.

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Yellow Jackets
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