1. The application of the proper control measures to eliminate any pests in the home at present time.
  2. All quarterly visits include a thorough pest inspection which may uncover beginning stages of pest infestation and stop it before it really gets started.
  3. Regular consultation and advice from a pest expert concerning conditions conducive to pest infestation that may develop in and around your home and definite things you can and should do to help prevent a problem.
  4. At the first sign of a problem, the pest technician and his/her team of experts (which includes a State Certified Public Health Specialist) is only a phone call away with answers to questions, helpful advice or a FREE service call if one is needed.
  5. Potential for pest technician to discover other problems, such as termite infestation, rat/mouse infestation, and make recommendations or take corrective action before damage can occur.
  6. Peace of mind knowing that the pest control company is worrying about bugs so that you don’t have to.
  7. Other problems, such as leaking pipes, leaking gutters, faulty drainage, etc. are often times discovered by the pest control technician and reported to the homeowner before a major problem has developed.
  8. Homeowner forms a real partnership with an expert to help protect their biggest investment (their home). Your pest control company networks with many other closely related industries such as roofers, plumbers, painters, construction companies, electricians, etc.  Your pest control technician may not only be the one to discover a potential problem in any one of these areas, but also put you in touch with the right person to solve that problem!
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