Hello, and welcome again to the Faith Pest Control podcast. I’m your host, Mike Stewart, and I’m here with pest expert, Mr. Fred Talley, the man who takes care of all the bug problems in Jasper Ellijay, and Blue Ridge, Georgia, anywhere in the North Georgia mountains. And I’ll tell you something about the North Georgia mountains. My wife and I love going visiting the wineries and staying at Airbnbs and B and B’s and you know, vacation rental properties in the North Georgia mountains, I’m telling you, it is a if you’re even if you live there, it’s fun to go visit those places. But I’ll tell you what a lot of people do. There’s a lot of people t

hat own those properties. And you need to think about making sure that you know the last thing my wife wants to see when we go to a vacation rental in the North Georgia mountains or anywhere for that matter is any kind of bugs.

So Fred, are you here on today’s interview?
I’m right here Mikey.

Well Fred, I’m going to be the the visitors in North Georgia mountains and I want to ask you questions. Let’s say I own a property that I am a long distance owner or I’m a local owner, but But what I’m doing is I’m having guests Find me on the internet and you know, some of the big websites or Airbnb, and there’s vacation rentals and all there’s all kinds of ways that people find out about the beautiful North Georgia mountains and they come and stay at these vacation rental spaces. But the last thing we want to find are bugs. So are you seeing an opportunity to explain to the owners of these properties what they can do to make sure that they don’t upset a potential client with bugs of any types what are the things that you’ve been seeing and one of the things that you’ve been doing to help these vacation owners?

Probably the biggest thing in the recent past would be rodent activity mice rats the you know a lot of times the problem is the investor is not there the majority of the time they will they will they will either manage the property themselves as you said Airbnb or VR BOor some other vacation rental site they go through but they’re they’re the predominant manager of the property they make sure everything that’s broken gets fixed blah blah blah. But they don’t necessarily think about especially in the North Georgia mountains they’re these rental houses are out in the middle of the woods predominantly that you know they people don’t want to go on vacation and in vacation house in a subdivision unless they’re just using it to sleep in anyway you know they want a little bit of privacy and so they’re they’re out in the woods and the bigger problem I see right now are mic

e and rats and from what from the calls I’ve been getting the doesn’t seem to be a really another property management companies that that I’ve seen are Oh say they’re not addressing it but they they don’t I guess they don’t necessarily have the investment in that the you know that the real estate investor does in the investor unless they’re a seasoned vacation rental investor they don’t they really don’t know what to look for. So they really you know, they rely on the the PC, the pest control operator to tell them what they need in these situations, but the biggest biggest thing right now is rats and mice. And you know one thing that I know that the investor doesn’t want to hear or the property owner doesn’t want to hear is get a phone call it you know, seven o’clock in the morning say I hear scratching in the attic right here scratching in the wall behind my bed. That’s the that’s the biggest thing that I see now.

Well, you know, as a vacation rental owner, you know you’re either live near the property in a lot of cases, sometimes investors factor the home I live in, I’ll be honest, right now we chose not to buy it first. And our owner lives in California. And I know for a fact he has a Pest Control Agency for all of his properties. You know, in other words, this is not a vacation rental, this is a permanent rental. Full Time rental. But you know, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a full time and especially with Vacation Rentals because you know, I’m a great runner. But there are bad ones out there I was a landlord one time. And it’s amazing what people will do when they don’t own the property. And if you got people coming and going with little children, there could be Cheerios under the refrigerator. There can be food, things that are going to attract, roaches, rats, mice, and bring these, these critters want water and food. And and these insects want water and food. And so when you you know you don’t have a permanent resident, you’ve got residents coming and going. So all the more reason if you are a landlord of vacation rentals. And it’s a income producing property, one of the best investments you can do is get a reliable experienced vacation rental Pest Control Agency like faith pest control. So you know, we’re going to have another podcast, where you’re going to go into detail of the services that you do for vacation rental owners, because I hope no one even questions that this is a needed service, you cannot own a piece of property, whether you live five miles or 5000 miles from it, and ignore it, especially if it’s a vacation rental near mountains, woods, and mountains and Woods equals there’s lots of critters, there’s lots of there’s lots of lots of things that want to live in your home. And you don’t need to have a disgusted renter come and say, You know I want my money back, we’re going to a hotel, forget it. I’ll never refer you to somebody else again, because you ignored. One of the most important things is keeping that rental property pest free. So we do this as a public service for everybody in the North Georgia mountains area, especially Jasper, Lj and Blue Ridge, when you can listen to this podcast or read the transcription at faith, pest control, calm. And Fred tell people how they can get in touch with you if they have any pest problems ever.

Please call us at 770-823-9202 and when you make that call, please ask to speak to me, Fred Tally. I’ll be able I’ll be able I will be able but I’ll be happy to talk to you. Even if you just have questions. I’ll be glad to try to help you.
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