Welcome to another episode of the faith pest control Podcast. I’m Mike Stewart, and I’m here today with pest expert Fred Talon, who’s going to talk about the smokey brown roach. The smokey brown Roach is crawling all over Jasper, Georgia, and he’s in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and Ellijay Georgia and big canoe, Georgia. Yes, roaches are our problem. But Fred has the answer to help you know what to do what to look out for, and how to have a pest free home with no roaches in your house. So tell me how is this smoky brown Roach different and just tell me the whole story for it? Well, Mikey, just in general, cockroaches are found really throughout the world. And probably some of the hardiest and most adaptable creatures on the earth. They live in most every geographical region. And pretty much every habitat deserts, forests, water, as well as inside human homes. There are roughly 4500 Plus species of roaches in the world but in the in the residential pest control world. We only know we normally deal you know only with five or six species and the smokey brown roaches one of them. Most people in general and rightly so are repulsed by roaches due to the fact that they can and do live and sewers and multiple other unsanitary places. Just the idea that they will eat garbage and fecal matter is is pretty disgusting. But not only are they a nuisance, due to their smelly nature, they also spread disease can can damage property and have a propensity to cause asthma and allergies and some people roaches secrete and offensive odor. Basically by they secrete a substance from their mouth. That gives us that odor most kind of musty oily odor. As one would expect the higher the roach population, the more obvious the odor is. So what I’d like to talk to you about is the smokey brown roach. Smokey browns are a very dark brown some almost black Roach probably an inch to an inch and a quarter long and extremely common in North Georgia. They enter homes year round. as do most insects they enter around small cracks and crevices around windows and doors gaps around your heating and air conditioning vents and pipes that penetrate the walls any any small crack or crevice that leads outside during the winter when it’s nice and warm inside if you have have even a small gap at the bottom of your exterior doors. Smokey Brown is crawling by on the porch and feels that he or sees the light that they will attempt to come inside. I’m not 100% sure about this. But my memory serves me correctly. I believe the the the gap the minimum gap. Smokey brown needs is about three millimeters, which is roughly a 10th of an inch. They can and will come inside on pieces of firewood. They readily fly at night towards light sources such as floodlights and report slides. If your exterior lights on at night, you are actually inviting them into your home. So ironically enough, when I was thinking about this, I thought about that when I was a child, it was common for my parents to leave the front porch slide on until it was time to go to bed. And this was like I guess a universal message or a universal understanding that if the porch light was on, it was okay to knock on the door. So I tell you this because in in rural North Georgia, there are still a lot of residents that are native to the area and Old habits die hard and they tend to leave their port slats on long after dark you know until they go to bed. It’s been my experience that smokey Browns tend to normally make their move on a residence. When the weather turns turns harsh especially in the winter. They will try to establish nests inside your home. If there has to be plenty of water sources close by or other standing water that might attract them. And I tell you that that to free to think about this kitchen drains Bathroom drains toilets, laundry rooms, bathtubs, utility rooms if you have HVAC equipment inside the living space or even in the attic if the equipment is located up there I’m occasionally get the question if if smokey Browns buy. Although they have the ability to bite just as most most other insects can, they’re more likely to stay out of sight in either run away from you or fly away. They prefer to elude you rather than encounter a human. Smokey browns in nature most commonly found in hollows of trees are not holes in trees. They can be found in or under wood shingle homes under the shingles not under the home, which they can get in crawl spaces as well. And eel maintain gutters they will live in and among the leaf litter which builds up on the bottom of the gutters. Inside is common, extremely common for them to breed in attics, and they can grow relatively unnoticed. Few people make you know regular forays into their attics. They actually prefer to exist in areas outside of a dwelling house where there’s less human activity such as greenhouses, nurseries, gardens but but they can be indoor pests. They throw smokey Browns thrive in damp dark poorly ventilated places the attic is dark, can be damp not always down but it most of them most of the attics in him now you know the the humidity in the attic is fairly equivalent to the humidity outside so they can be considered damp and and they are away from human activity so inside the dwelling house of the attic is a perfect place for them to be there now nesting areas will normally contain large numbers of roaches in which they can be dead or alive as roaches will cannibalize their dead. There’ll be shed skins there which is a part of the asthma problem. Fecal deposits egg cases, and actually a very strong foul odor that that musty oily smell. They enter homes generally in search of food, water and shelter just like they have the same needs as us. Therefore, if you make these things less accessible to them will help prevent them from setting up housekeeping in your house. Here are some tips that may help you prevent smokey brown Roach infestation in your home. To routinely have your rain gutters cleaned, his smokey brands live beneath the leaf flooded leaf litter that accumulates on the bottom of the gutter. My recommendation is twice a year but a minimum clean them once a year. Eliminate food crumbs by vacuuming sweeping frequently. Do not leave food out overnight. store any excess food in the refrigerator or in airtight containers wash dishes. You know as soon as you can after dinner. Use an interior trash can in the kitchen that has a well fitting lid. Take your trash out daily. Don’t leave pet food in there in the pet water out overnight. Eat only in the kitchen and dining room. Wipe your counters down regularly. clean up spills immediately. Repair leaky faucets and or pipes. Check your crawlspace and or basement for moisture problems. Seal the exterior of your home by seeing cracks, holes and gaps that penetrate from the exterior to the interior. And lastly, and this is a biggie is Declutter Your Home by removing the X extra cardboard boxes, newspapers, bags, etc. You’d be amazed at the number of Walmart bags I find in a lot of people’s homes that are I don’t know why they saved them. It’s obvious they’ve been saving them a long time and don’t use them all. If this was the only prevention measure you implemented, you’d be far ahead of most people. The number one problem I find when I go into a home especially with a roach problem is clutter inside the home. As always here at Faith pest control we offer a free consultation and a free 100% make you happy money back guarantee. If you hire fetes pest control to get rid of your smokey brown roach problem, then to 30 days you’re not 100% Happy, we will come back and we will retreat your home for free. And we’ll keep on treating it for free until you tell us you are happy. That still doesn’t make you happy. We’ll give back every penny of the money you spent on the original treatment. Plus, we’ll pay you an additional $25 for your time and trouble just for fooling with us. The bottom line is this, I want you to be happy with the service we provide, or you won’t pay a penny period. If you feel like what I’ve said, makes sense call fetes pest control today is 770-823-9202 and asked to speak to me, Fred tally, I’d be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you might have. Well, thank you, Fred. Great information. As always, folks, that’s what the smoky brown Roach is all about. And if you live in Jasper, Blue Ridge, llj, or big canoe or anywhere in North Georgia, and you see the smokey brown Roach or any road for that matter, you know what to do now. And the first thing you want to do is hire a professional like Fred, go to faith pest control, call Fred. Haskins could ask him any kind of questions and he will help you make sure you have a pest free home, no matter what the pest. And we do this podcast as a public service to educate the public, all the different types of pests and problems you can have. And sometimes just have some fun explaining to you how different things can be done in the community. You can subscribe, you could like and share the podcast. In all the favorite places. The Big Four are Apple, Google, Spotify, and Amazon. Even Audible has the podcast. And more importantly, you can find it if you Google it. Just google the faith pest control podcast. And all the episodes will be right there. They’re archived at our website. And you can be able to get in touch with us if you have any questions whatsoever. So until next time, this is Mike Stewart for the faith pest control podcast. Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Smoky Brown Cockroach Resides in North Georgia and Jasper
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