Mike Stewart
Hello again and it’s the Faith Pest Control podcast on Mike Stewart, your pest host for the past podcasts in North Georgia area, Faith Services, the fine folks in Jasper, Georgia; Ellijay, Georgia; Blue Ridge, Georgia; and Ball Ground, Georgia. And if you live in those areas, as a community service wanna make you aware of the pest problems that exist for North Georgia and the pest expert to solve those pest problems is here right now, Mr. Fred Talley.

Fred, I hear you’re going to talk about spiders. You know what, I don’t know anybody that likes spiders. And you know, my wife says come here and get this spider now doesn’t matter when there’s little or big. What are the spiders that that are a problem? What kind of problems do they cause? And what do you do at Faith Pest Control to make sure those spiders are not a problem for residents?

Fred Talley
Well, Mikey, love them or hate them fall is probably the most prominent time of the year for a spider activity is as this is their mating season. They’ll create their little egg sacks, which they do throughout the year as well. But this is more prominent this time of the year. Typically, the egg sack can survive the winter. But most spiders kind of die off after the first frost. In North Georgia anyway, we have I don’t know roughly 35 to 40 different species in Georgia. And you know, they range from the plain old black and yellow garden spider on to the the feared brown recluse and black widow. Spiders are beneficial though, as they eat other bugs that are around you know, your whatever structure they’re around. And they don’t necessarily want to come inside your home. They will. But that’s that’s not their, their desire, so to speak, they just need to be able to be in a place where they can eat.

But a lot of people have arachnophobia, I guess is what it is. They don’t even want to see a spider on the outside of their house. But black widows are probably considered to be the most venomous spider in North America. And some, articles you’ll read will tell you how aggressive they are. But it’s it’s not been my experience that they’re really aggressive, if not provoked, but if, if provoked, they will defend their territory. They’re the they’re the classic glossy black and are easily identified by the red hourglass shape on their abdomen. My experience is to that their webs are very distinct because their webs are extremely sticky. If you get them on your hands, I mean, you actually really have to physically rub them to get them off. They prefer to live in like moist, cool, dark spaces. So you’ll commonly find them in basements or crawl spaces and piles of old scrap wood just laying on the ground. Piles of rock that are you know, undisturbed for months that do that’s where you’ll find them typically, the other dreaded spider in North Georgia is the brown recluse or we call them the fiddleback spider. They are not typically very aggressive, they actually will try to avoid human interaction. They’re kind of a dark brown to yellow, and generally maybe about the size of a quarter. The probably the most famous identifying mark is the violin shaped pattern on their backs or necks. They’re typically found in dark, warm, dry areas, attics, sheds, faucets, barns, that type of place. Now brown recluse, can create have or create severe damage I guess you’d say to the skin area around the bite. Whereas a Black Widow bite can be painful. The brown recluse is not typically a painful buy. But after a week or so it can you know the skin around the bite area can swell and turn red. It can develop into an ulcer. So it’s important to get medical treatment as soon as you can. If you feel like you’ve been bitten by a brown recluse spider. Now, at Faith Pest Control, we do offer free consultations for spiders. And after the consultation, if you hire us to get rid of your spider problem, and you are not, after 30 days, you’re not 100% happy with the service you’ve received, we will come back and we will treat your home again for free. And we’ll continue to treat for free. And you till you tell us that you are happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy, we will refund every penny of the money that you paid us for the initial service plus an additional $25 just for fooling with us. Not I’m not aware of anybody else in our area that will provide you that kind of guarantee. But we’re very confident in the service that we provide in our ability to make you happy with the service. If you feel like what I’ve told you makes any sense. Please call us 770-823-9202 and ask to speak to me. I’m Fred Talley. I own Faith Pest Control. I’ll be more than happy to talk to you answer any questions you may have about spiders or, or any other subject for that matter.

Mike Stewart
Well, that’s great news. Fred, I know you you’re committed to helping all the fine folks in Jasper, Ellijay, Blue Ridge and Ball Ground Georgia, you know, all over North Georgia and Big Canoe. And you know, here’s not what you’re gonna you’re not going to get rid of people’s fear, or distaste for spiders. And so if you want the spiders gone, Fred can make that happen. But do remember that some spiders, you know, eat other bugs. So you know, if they’re not in your home, and they’re not in your basement in areas, you don’t want them, you know, you might be able to tolerate them being outside, they’re going to be outside, we’re not going to eliminate the spider. But Fred can take care of the spiders that disturb you and upset you. Because I’ll tell you right now, my wife does not like spiders. And I’ll bet you there’s a lot of people in North Georgia that don’t like them either. So to know what to do call Fred. And be sure to share our podcasts with everybody. You know, I mean, we do this as a community service to educate all the fine folks in North Georgia, about you know, what are pest problems? And what can you do about those pest problems? And why? Faith Pest Control is the folks to call we’re in Apple, we’re an Amazon or in Spotify. We’re in Google. Wherever podcasts are consumed. We’re there and we’re going to continue to be there to help you know what to do. Until next time, I’m Mike Stewart for the Faith Pest Control podcast.

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Scared of Spiders, Here’s What To Do in North Georgia
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