In Jasper, Georgia we frequently encounter wood destroying organisms, other than termites, that can cause considerable damage to your home. Of the other species of wood destroying insects, the most important to learn about is the powderpost beetle. 

Second only to termites in the amount of destruction they cause, powderpost beetles cause millions of dollars worth of damage in the southeastern United States each year. Preferring to infest and reinfest dry seasoned wood, powder post beetles can be found in flooring, studs, girders and other parts of buildings, as well as lumber, crating, paneling, furniture, tool handles, gunstocks and many other wood articles.

A few examples of the many species of powerpost beetles.

Infestations can begin a few different ways. The two most common are unknowingly using infested lumber to build a structure or bringing the beetles into the home in infested firewood. Those beetles that attack softwoods will often fly into crawl spaces and lay eggs on wood exposed under a building. The larvae of these beetles are the source of destruction caused by these insects, as they can reduce timber into a mass of fine, powder-like material; adults, however, typically only serve for reproductive purposes.

A homeowner may see piles of very fine sawdust on or beneath wood and small holes in the wood surface; these are typically the first signs of an infestation. Once this evidence is discovered, the infestation could have been active anywhere from three months to three years depending on several different factors: the species of powderpost beetle infesting, environment, and the type of wood attacked. In areas that are hidden, such as crawl spaces, serious damage can occur before an infestation is discovered.

Those who harvest, mill, or store wood are in the best position to prevent infested wood from being used to build structures, furniture, or other household products. Steps that you can take to prevent beetles from infesting your home include:

  • Inspecting your wood prior to purchase;
  • Using properly kiln- or air-dried wood;
  • Sealing wood surfaces;
  • Using chemically treated wood; and
  • Ensuring good building design.

Of the ways to prevent beetles from infesting your home, the least expensive and most practical way to do so as a homeowner is to be sure to use properly kiln- or air-dried woods. While there are a few species of powderpost beetle that can survive and reinfest wood that has been properly dried, using properly dried wood is your best chance at preventing an infestation of powederpost beetles.

If you suspect that you have an infestation of powderpost beetles in your home, you should call your pest management professional right away and ask them to come take a look. If you do have a powderpost bettle infestation, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible in order to prevent serious and continuous damage to your home.

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Powderpost Beetles
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