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Hello and welcome again to the faith pest control podcast. Hey, I’m Mike Stewart, your host today and we’re here today with pest expert Fred Talley of faith pest control, you know, fake pest control services all the fine folks in Jasper, Georgia in Blue Ridge, Georgia in Ellijay, Georgia, and pretty much anywhere in the north Georgia mountains if you’ve got a pest problem, Fred Talley is the man to take care of those problems. And today Fred is going to talk about something really interesting. Did you know that there are roaches flying from Pennsylvania to Jasper? I don’t know if that’s what they really do. But they’re called the Pennsylvania wood roach. Most people think of them as flying roaches if you see a roach that’s flying. It’s probably a Pennsylvania wood roach. So Fred, tell us about this roach problem these flying roaches and why they’re called Pennsylvania would roaches and what’s going on with them and what can we do to avoid that problem?

Fred Talley
For most people, Mike even the mention of the word Roach brings up feelings of kind of disgust and revulsion. Being around for about 350 million years roaches are probably one of the oldest animal species on the planet. And amazingly enough the roaches of today look almost exactly like their ancestors. Only about 30 Of the nearly 5000 species of roaches on the planet are known to be passed to humans and of those 30 There are only about five species here in North Georgia that tend to be problematic for homes and businesses. Surprisingly enough the pencil venue wood roaches not classified as as one of those that are problematic in homes but that they actually can be the primary roaches that are problematic are the and we’ve talked about them in other podcasts is the American Roche which is commonly referred to as a Palmetto bug or waterbug smokey brown Roche, oriental Roche and German Roche though the German ones are the ones that you know get in people’s kitchen they’re pretty difficult to get rid of. And but the Pennsylvania wardrobe is commonly mistaken for German roads because they’re they look very similar. A male would roaches have wings. roughly the length is their body and are capable of flying. Now female would roaches have wings, but they’re shorter and they’re unable to fly in. Nor can they glide. Just as a matter of generalities would roaches can live up about 18 months old in their favorite food source is the decaying plant matter. And now as their name would lead you to believe the Pennsylvania wood roaches most commonly found in Pennsylvania. Realistically I didn’t I didn’t haven’t read this but I would assume it was probably discovered in Pennsylvania. But they are found throughout the eastern United States. Most areas east of the Rockies they’re there from what I can understand there’s no area west of the Rockies that have the have a Woodbridge. If you live anywhere in eastern United States, especially up and down the eastern seaboard and you find a roach in your firewood pile. It’s almost certainly a Pennsylvania wood roach. The male and the female look distinctively different. As all other insects they both have six legs. Segmented bodies. The wood Roach has two long antennae. Unlike many other roaches their antennae exceed their body length. They use the their their antenna to be able to sniff out if you will, that’s how they detect their foods they can detect the rotting leaves in the rotting wood. As as I said earlier, male wood roaches have functional wings. And because of that they’re there it’s pretty easy for them to fly through open windows and doors into your home. The females do not have wings so they’re unable to fly or glide. In the air that really the only other difference between them is their abdomen is much thicker than the males. That’s what makes the wings and the abdomen is what makes them distinctively different. Wood roaches in reality don’t even like to be indoors. They want to be Outside in the woodland and the forest for vegetation and and rotting wood is is very plentiful Wyoming as one would imagine, their day to day existence is concentrated on finding food and harbours and that’s food, water and our bridges is what their what they do during the day and they do however, will make their home in around around our home and stacks of firewood, it’s very common for them to find for that to be their way. Their means of entry into your home is you’ll be getting wood out of out of the woods, your wood stack that’s outside or stacked against the house or wherever and you bring them inside. Wood roaches aren’t typically a problem if you live in urban areas or in even in rural areas where they harvested the trees in order to build a subdivision then you just don’t have trees there. Do you live in wooded areas such as the North Georgia mountains, they can become a big nuisance. Now it is been my experience that the problem time for wood roaches is generally only approximately two months in the summer. And that’s basically June and July. I don’t know I don’t I don’t necessarily know the reason for that. I know that. I have been told that it’s a breeding breeding season if you will for them, but I know that they are very there’s a lot of them around we see a lot of them around specifically those two times. Now all roaches are omnivorous, they eat most anything. However, each species does have a particular preference for one food or another. Some feed on fruits, others vegetables, others it exists exclusively on leaves and leaf litter. Some rely on leftover human food there are ways to garbage. The wood Roach does not particularly enjoyed garbage food stores, hit perversion, rotten vegetation, late rotting leaves, rotting wood, that’s their primary source of nutrition. Anywhere there are fallen trees, leaves, pine needles and bark. They all make the perfect mail for the wood Roach mulch, especially here in North Georgia. Pine straw and pine straw bark and shredded wood is the typical mulch around most people’s houses. Unlike most other species of roaches most roaches do not want to be around live but the word roaches not deterred by light at all. They can be found feeding you know out in the woods during the middle of the day. The because of this though they can be become prey from other predators as frogs, lizards, snakes, mice rats, the that becomes a food source for them. Would roaches are really not a threat to humans whatsoever. They don’t survive long indoors they don’t want to be inside. So the typical issues of other roaches, home dwelling roaches if you will, such as allergies, asthma or other diseases bacteria are not it’s not very common at all. If they do come inside the home well they they still can contaminate contaminate food that may be laying around this you know not in some kind of protected dish. Since these roaches prefer to stay outdoors and do their living and mating in the woods. Most measures to get rid of them are preventative, I’m almost knocked 99% of them. Keep your house clean. Don’t leave out dirty dishes and food. But more importantly be sure to seal cracks or holes around windows and doors and garage doors. And then you’re the foundation of your home. Here at Faith pest control. We offer a free consultation and a 100% make you happy money back guarantee. Do you hire faith pest control to get rid of your wood roach problem in at the end of 30 days you’re not 100% happy? We’ll come back and retrieve your home for free. And we’ll keep on trading it for free until you tell us you are happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy. I’ll give you back every penny the money you spent on On the original treatment plus I’ll pay you an additional $25 for your time and trouble just for fooling with us. If you feel like what I’ve said today is made sense. Please call fates pest control today 770-823-9202 and ask to speak to me Fred Talley. I’ll be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you might have.

Michael Stewart
Well Fred, as always, that’s great information. Now we know about the Pennsylvania wood Roach and we know that we have you in all the areas of North Georgia like Jasper Blue Ridge, llj you know, anywhere where people are living and doing business. In the north Georgia mountains we’ve got faith pest control to take care of our pest problems. And if that Pennsylvania wood road shows up, we’ll know we can call you to take care of it. We do this podcast as a community service for all the fine folks that live in Jasper and Blue Ridge and LJ. The podcast is available from our website or you can you know if you are used to getting podcasts from places like Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon, where they’re just key in or ask Alexa Hey, play the faith pest control podcast. And before you know it, the latest episodes start playing. And we’ve got a whole library of great information to help you have a pest free home. But of course always call faith if you need help and you want somebody you can trust to do the job right and guaranteed. So until next time, this is Mike Stewart for the faith pest control podcast.

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Pennsylvania Wood Roaches Are Residents of Jasper Georgia!
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