Michael Stewart
Welcome to the Faith Pest Control podcast. I’m Mike Stewart, the host and I’m here with Fred Talley, your pest expert in Jasper, Ellijay, Blue Ridge, and North Georgia. When it comes to pest control, Faith Pest Control and Fred Talley are the people to get in touch with. And you know, one of the things that Fred wants to talk about this morning, and I want you to ask him some questions about is, why should you use a locally owned pest control agency over some of the big box systems and companies out there. The ones that, you know, they you know, they have big advertising budgets and, and, you know, lots of lots of locations. There are advantaged by using locally owned pest control agencies such as yours, Fred. So Fred, Are you here to tell me all about it?

Fred Talley
I’m here Mikey. Obviously, I’ve got a biased opinion on this. But you know, that being said, I’m going to give you several reasons why you should support a locally owned pest control company. As opposed to a branded company, if you will. So one reason is because when you use a locally owned company, you’re supporting the local economy. There’s generally speaking, the local pest control operators live and work in the community, in the same community. And I’m sure you’ve heard it before. But when you spend money in your community that generally stays in your community which helps that community grow and prosper. Another reason I think that it’s important to think about it as a locally owned business, we better understand the local pest control problems. The big companies, you know, to reduce costs, I guess, they streamline their operations using the same treatment protocols and the same chemicals throughout you know, their company. We do have some insects that are fairly unique to the North Georgia area. And even species that are common throughout the country do have different characteristics breeding and living characteristics from you know, from one area to another. Most local pest control companies understand these things and are able to address them. Another thing I think is that we, as a community better understand the local customers and their needs. Most people that operate make the decisions for the branded companies, you know, they live in major metropolitan areas, Atlanta, New York, Miami, Los Angeles. You know, we don’t we, we live in the communities that we service and we understand the challenges that our customers face. So we allocate, I guess you’d say our resources, to address the problems here, not addressing problems globally. And we’re we are more responsive too, I guess you’d call it, to new threats. North Georgia is a major tourist destination. That being said, sometimes we get foreign insects that are maybe not from out of this country, but from out of this region, or out of this area brought into our area. And we, you know, by staying in contact with local officials, we are aware that these things are happening so that we can take precautions against them. Another thing is, most local companies don’t have the turnover from employees and management that you know that a major branded company has. We actually make a tremendous effort to not make a technician changes even annually. We like you to know that as the customer, you’re going to have the same face every quarter to come service your home, so that you can develop a relationship with them that you’re not going to get a different technician from quarter to quarter. And then of course I think the biggest reason that somebody should use a local company is accountability. Living and working in the community that we serve, such as attending church in the community that we serve and shopping at the local store, we have a certain level of accountability that a major branded pest control company won’t have. We will see you in the stores; we will see you walking down the sidewalks. You know we will have to face you, so you know we have a bigger obligation for accountability to you. If you have a compliant with a big box or a branded company, you may get to talk to somebody directly in the office that services your home or business. But the reality is there the chances are you won’t talk to somebody even in your state. If you’re dealing with a local company, you can generally talk to the president or the owner of the company. I seriously doubt you would get the cell phone number of the owner of one of the big branded companies. We are the face pest control; we are a hometown company. You know, when you service your friends, as we do and your neighbors as we do you feel obligated to provide a superior service and outstanding service at a fair price.

Michael Stewart
Well, all of this makes so much sense. And of course, it’s just, you know, small businesses – the backbone of America. And when it comes to, you know, solving pest problems, you just need an expert, who’s going to take the time and have the resources and the systems to solve the problem. And, you know, by supporting your local business, you know, you’re supporting your local economy. I bet that all makes sense. And the thing is, you know, when you know, that you’re talking with the owner of the company, person where the buck stops, you know, he’s going to go out of his way to make sure, like you do, that the community members get the service they need to solve their problems. And so you know, it’s not like other products where you need, you know, like a utilities and cell phones and things like that where you do have to have a nationally global company. This is talking about individualized service for local residents. And it just everything you said makes complete sense. So, you know, I highly recommend folks, you just go to FaithPestControl.com you call the number, you’re probably going to get Fred on the phone. And I guarantee you, he’s going to go do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re guaranteed happy with the service. And that’s the difference. So Fred, this is just this needs to be said and people need to be reminded support local because it makes a difference for the whole community. So be sure to tune in to the Faith Pest Control Podcast in Apple, Spotify and Google. Be sure to go to FaithPestControl.com whenever you have any pest control problems in North Georgia.

Local Pest Control – Why Use a Local Exterminator in North Georgia
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