Pest Control in Jasper Georgia, especially dealing with Fire Ants can be very dangerous.

The Imported Fire Ant typically nests in the soil and has the characteristic conical shaped earthen mound protruding above ground.

Imported Fire Ant nests can be found in lawns, cemeteries, pastures, and parks in urban and suburban areas.

Large Imported Fire Ant colonies can easily have from 300,000 to 500,000 workers that can forage over an area with a radius of more than 100 yards.

Large Imported Fire Ant Colonies may occupy several visible mounds which are connected by underground tunnels.

Imported Fire Ants are both predators and scavengers attacking and killing other insects and small animals as well as feeding on dead animals.

Occasionally Imported Fire Ants will nest inside of homes, especially in the winter time near sources of warmth.

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Jasper Georgia Pest Control – The Dangers of Fire Ants
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