Welcome, everybody to the Faith Pest Control podcast. I’m your host, Mike Stewart. And this is a community service for all you find folks that live in Jasper or Ellijay, Blue Jay, Ball Ground and Calhoun, Georgia and all the fine folks in Woleska. We’ve got our pest expert again, Mr. Fred Talley and today he’s going to talk about that nuisance of carpenter bees. So Fred, tell us all about the carpenter bee. Well, Mikey carpenter bees don’t live in colonies, like honeybees do. Carbon arrays are considered solitary insects. The the adults, they overwinter, you know, singularly, not in, you know, not among other nest mates. And they normally use all the old tunnels that they’ve created. Those that survive the winter, in the spring time, they’ll emerge, they may and they just kind of start this whole cycle over again, that we’re gonna kind of talk about the most everyone I think, in Georgia at least is likely they’re seen and or dealt with carpenter bees. If you have the most common carpenter bees found in North Georgia or resemble a large Bumblebee both in color and size, but they’re they have distinct nesting habits that are different. With the female Carpenter bee bores tunnel into wood. She divides these tunnel and the little sails where individual larvae will develop. Well, the typical female Carpenter bee will create an entrance hole in a piece of wood, that’s probably quarter to five sixteenths inch in diameter, a little bit less than a dime, probably. She’ll go she’ll create a hole inward, or a short distance, and then she’ll turn sharply. in whichever way she goes. She’s running in the same direction as the grain of the wood. After she bores her little tunnel, she will deposit a like a ball of pollen, which will be a food source for the larvae when they hatch out of the egg. And then then she’ll lay an egg on this ball of pollen, and then close that close that little section of the gallery or the tunnel up so that the egg will mature singularly by itself in that tunnel, then she’ll build a series of these pockets in that tunnel with a eggs pollen in it in she just kind of backs her way out of the gallery.

Sometimes females instead of creating a new gallery, will will utilize an old gallery that has been abandoned by another B or they’ll take an existing gallery that they’ve created and make it larger. over a number of years of neglect in the carpenter bee activity around your home. You can see a very big complex gallery system can be developed in the galleries are often made in on a conventionally built home, in the siding and the wood trim the porch deck handrails, stuff like that. Here in North Georgia, we have a large number of homes, log cabins, and they are notorious for Carpenter bee activity and consequently woodpecker activity. left to their own devices carpenter bees can and will reduce the structural strength of the wood virtually just by tunneling through it. Many types of wood are suitable for them. They do prefer the softer woods, weathered wood and or unpainted wood is much more problematic than wood that has been been painted freshly painted and freshly stained, and or freshly stained. carpenter bees complete one generation in a year here. The tunnels are prepared. The eggs are in the eggs are laid in the spring. The larvae and pupae will develop inside the sails during the early summer. The adult bees will emerge in the late summer and and they will return to the same tunnels to hibernate over the winter. following year, the adults make the females lay eggs and thereby completing that generational cycle. The abandoned nests of carpenter bees are frequently infested, or can be infested by other secondary insects such as for shelter and nesting sites. But the major concern with the carpenter bees beyond their tunneling is the woodpecker. If woodpeckers ever find the carpet that carpet would be larva, they will destroy a piece of siding, or a piece of trim the end of a house trying to get to that larva. If you have a carpenter bee problem, or a carpenter Bay activity around your house, you need to be calling some Pest Control professional. And at a minimum. Here at faith, we we do offer free consultations, and we offer a money back guarantee. If you hire faith pest control, to get rid of your Carpenter bee problem, in the end of 30 days, you’re not 100% happy, we will come back and retreat your home for free. And we’ll continue to treat it for free until you tell us that you are happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy, we’ll give you back every penny spent on the original treatment, plus an additional $25 for your time in trouble just for fooling with us. You will be happy with the service we provide or you won’t pay a penny period. That’s how confident we are in our degree of customer service and our commitment to doing the job right for you. If you feel what I’ve said makes sense. Call fate Pest Control today at 7708239 to 02. And ask to speak to me Fred tally, I’ll be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have. Well, Fred, you know, there’s all kinds of pests in North Georgia, especially in the Jasper, Georgia, the Ellijay, Georgia Blue Ridge Ball Ground, Calhoun and Waleska areas and Faith Pest Control are the pest experts to solve those problems. You know, your home can be destroyed by these pests, especially carpenter bees. And then of course, you talked about, you know, you know, they, they’re going to come back and they’re going to continue to do that damage to your home because that’s how they perpetuate their kind by laying the eggs and and creating the problem in your home. And then you know, I didn’t know that that’s going to attract the woodpeckers to even do more damage. So you, you the only thing I know to do with carpenter bees. And my good friend Hal Coleman told me is to have a tennis racket out on your back porch.

And swat them away because I tried to do it with a flyswatter. And you can’t SWAT them with a flyswatter. I’ll tell you that. But you can you can knock them away with a tennis racket but that doesn’t solve the problem. What solves a problem is hiring a pro to make sure that you don’t have a carpenter bee infestation, which can really do a lot of damage to your home. So once again, share this podcast with your friends subscribe to us and all the places where you can get podcasts. We’re available on Apple, we’re available on Amazon. We’re available on Spotify, and we’re available in Google the four big places that you can subscribe to podcasts. We do it as a community service to help educate everybody in the North Georgia area. What to do about pest control. And remember, if you have any pest problems, check out Fred Talley at Faith Pest Control


Jasper Georgia Has Carpenter Bees, So Does North Georgia!
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