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Welcome, everybody to the Faith Pest Control podcast. My name is Mike Stewart, and I’m your host with the Faith Pest Control podcast, which is your premier place for knowledge on pest control in Jasper, Georgia; Ellijay, Georgia; Blue Ridge, Georgia; and Ball Ground, Georgia. And I have the pest expert from Faith Pest Control. The one and only Fred Talley. Fred, are you here?

Fred Talley
I’m here, Mikey. Oil.

Mike Stewart
Great. Well, you know what, it’s the time we’re recording this is in November and winter is upon us. You know, a lot of people think the bugs go to sleep, they go in hibernation, and bugs aren’t a problem as much in the winter. But that’s just not true. Tell us about the problem of the different types of bugs and pests that are active and a nuisance during the winter. And what does Faith Pest Control do to control those bugs?

Fred Talley
All right, Mikey. I actually thought of this because I get the question at least once a week during this time of year. And people talking about just general pest control. They say, “Well, don’t the bugs die off in the winter anyway?” And the answer is no, they don’t not here. Most bugs have survival instincts based on the seasons of the year. It is true we don’t see as many insects outdoors during the fall and winter. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re not there. Some bugs will die off in the winter, but most go into hiding when the temperatures start to fall. To avoid freezing to death. A large number of the females will lay their eggs in a sheltered area, so they’ll be protected until the springtime when they’ll be able to hatch. While they normally remain dormant during these colder times the insects they can be active if they have a warm environment and the availability of food, water and shelter. And the inside of your home actually provides a fabulous environment for them to flourish. If your home has any areas that may be vulnerable to pest access, such as cracks or gaps, wood to ground contact, unscreened crawlspace, vents, dryer vents, fan vents, then bugs have easy access to the inside of your home. And quite frankly, I’ve never encountered a home that was so well sealed, that insects could not penetrate to the inside. Once inside your home, that pest that might have otherwise gone dormant for the winter will remain living and have an active, flourishing life inside your home. This can cause major problems since bugs have a fairly uncontested access to your home, actually 12 months a year. If you don’t maintain some kind of pest control service, then they can get in and cause major problems.

Sometimes I think the better question might be other than the original question that don’t bugs off during the winter, the better question may be “How much impact do our winters really have on the insect population?” And the real answer here in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, there’s really not that much. We would have to just experience sustained sub freezing temperatures for probably a month or more to have a significant impact on the population. In this part of the country, that’s just not very likely to happen. So once inside your home, where it’s fairly warm, fleas, roaches, ants, ground beetles, other pests or rats/mice will suffer a few if any consequences from the winter weather. So don’t don’t rely on the winter weather as a means of pest control for your house. Faith Pest Control has a pest control program designed not only to protect you, your family and your home from one unwanted past, but it can also save you money. Our treatments are not only highly effective, it’s environmentally friendly, backed by the best guarantee in the industry. With every annual pest control contract we sell, we include a 100% money back guarantee for the initial service if we can’t make you happy by making your home pest free. We’re very confident in our abilities to solve your pest problems. Don’t neglect protecting your home and get pests during the warmer months. The winter months I said warmer – I mean winter. Call Faith Pest Control today 770-823-9202 and ask to speak to be Fred Talley. I’ll be more than happy to speak with you,  answer any questions you may have, and explain in more detail our annual pest control program designed you to be able to live a pest free life.

Mike Stewart
For that’s great, great news. You know, most consumers, most homeowners, and even commercial accounts, don’t think about that winter doesn’t make the bugs go away. Those bugs are still there. And I gotta leave you with a funny story I heard from our friend Hal Coleman years ago. He said, “You know, here’s a tip in the winter and people do this every day.” And I, my wife was listening at the time, Fred, then he said, “when you go out and you get your firewood and you bring it in to your home to burn it, if that wood has been stored outside, burn it immediately. Because there’s over 20 species of bugs dormant in the bark of that wood firewood that you brought in. If you just set it on the hearth, those bugs think it’s spring because the warmth of your house, makes them wake up and they’re all over your house.” So be sure to burn your firewood The minute you bring it in from the outdoors. And you know what my wife said Fred, she said, “Get him out here now!” So yes, bugs are alive and well all year and the warmth and food and water of your home is a they want to make your home their home. And that’s why Fred at Faith Pest Control can make sure that you have a pest free home. Be sure to share this podcast with everyone you know, we’re in Apple ran Spotify. We’re in Google and you know most recently Fred, we are now in Amazon. And so you can tune us in share us with others and get the best tips to make sure that you have a pest free home. We’ll see you next time on the Faith Pest Control podcast.


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